If you look up Maya Lopez in the dictionary, it’ll say ‘Badass’ beside her name.  I love her and I love everything about her and wow do I miss getting to read about her every month.

Anyways, I finally had the chance the other month to wear her again for a convention and loved every minute of it!  Just, y’know, pretend this college campus is Hell’s Kitchen.

Echo/Maya Lopez: Bria
Photography by Zhobot

whitehotroom.com is where you can see the rest of the shoot

I love seeing reader’s real-life interpretations of characters I create. Here is Echo. 

The founder of the MoCCA Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art asked me to do this painting from Frida for him.  NY 2009.

More art and making of here: 



Meet the Batgirl!!

Comic-Con. San Diego. 2014. Sideshow Collectibles Pavilion.


Wolverine by Felipe Massafera

Maitland Ward as ‘Red Sonja’ at Long Beach Comic-Con