The original television model of the USS Enterprise.

Meet the live action Powers duo of Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim played by Sharlto Copley and Susan Hayward.


Uncanny X-Men #142, page 17 by John Byrne & Terry Austin & Glynis Wein.  1981.


My friend abisue As Lady Slyvanas from WoW
My friend jerikandrea as Antonia from Everquest 2 from #PAXprime2014

love these girls! <3


Some say that his heart is in upside down, and that his teeth glow in the dark… all we know is, he’s called the Stig



A few shots in my Power Girl costume! No professional photos of it yet so pictures around my apartment will have to do for now. :) The rest of the photos are on my facebook! This costume was really fun to make/put together. Still need to make boot covers but I can’t wait to wear this to another convention!


Deathstroke #3 by Tony Daniel, colours by Tomeu Morey *

Mass Effect Trilogy + Cinematic Trailers

(Source: umcharted)


These are what I figure are the crowning achievements of DragonCon 2014. Our recreations of The Last Supper, The Death of Socrates, and Washington Crossing the Delaware.

All photos are from the awesome patloika