Tomb Raider 1 [Sega Saturn Trailer]


Aladdin and Jasmine at Matsuricon on Saturday!


Today’s #lunchtime #starwars post features an outstanding Slave Leia by #cosplayer nerdbutpro

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yamisugoi [ Huntress

Cosplay made and worn by Yami Sugoi

PH: Celeste Valdes

at CBB5, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina


Earth 20-Power Girl

If you’ve followed me long enough, you know I have a huge love for….redesigning Power Girl. It happens. But with the close official debut of a new Power Girl as the current PG is scurrying off back to Earth 2 (for a while at least, since all that Future Ends stuff is a-happening) AND with Multiversity coming out this week, I thought it would be time for a new redesign, but this time when I redesign them, they’ll be from other Earth’s…or something like that.

She’s more based on a…overly tropical world that the early Kryptonian explorers colonized and through time, skin tones change to adapt to the environment, current inhabitant merging of cultures and so forth. Based her shoulder harness from the movie version of the battle suits so she can armor her whole arm to fight, a kinda gladiator-like.

I chose Earth 20 because its an unknown universe.