Vendrell Oduber



Ivy Valentine

Ivy Valentine, Soul Calibur

: Was this photoshop really fucking necessary?



I love Belle Chere she’s one of my favorite cosplayers.

This is her in her Ivy costume : D

And here is somebody’s stupid ass photoshop of that same picture

She ALREADY has a banging figure, what asshat decided ” her ass isn’t big enough and her waist isn’t thin enough for me. LET ME…

Oh lawdy. Y’know, I’m pretty sure I should be incensed by this - not fulfilling a particular individuals ideal so they distorted my pic, etc - or have some sort of averse body-image reaction. But y’know what?

I laughed. I don’t know if it makes me immature, but everytime I look, I lol at the size of dat ass on me. Either that, or I’ve just grown callous after the years of people trying to pick apart how I look visually. This seems to go beyond that and into the realm of ridiculous, though.

Either way, thank you very much for sticking up for me, coppertonepretty, and I do agree that people shouldn’t go messing around with other people’s image. Bad for the karma and psyche.

But I laughed.