John: That’s alright. That’s a joke
Aeryn: Excellent. If we’re gonna let blue-eyes here save the day, we’d better come up with a very good plan.
John: I’m not deficient, I’m SUPERIOR. Humans are superior.


HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY FARSCAPE (19/03/1999 - 21/03/2003)

"There’s life out here, Dad. Weird, amazing, psychotic life.  And, uh, in Technicolor."

(Source: claudiablacks)

My name is John Crichton… an astronaut. Three years ago I got shot through a wormhole. I’m in a distant part of the universe aboard this living ship of escaped prisoners, my friends. I’ve made enemies. Powerful. Dangerous. Now all I want is to find a way home, to warn Earth. Look upward, and share… the wonders I have seen.


Farscape group cosplay for 2013’s Dragon Con. This combined effort spans 2 hemispheres because 3 members of the group came from Australia. The incredible part is aside from T-shirts, wigs, contacts and some pants nearly everything was custom made. For instance Scorpius, Sikozu and Chiana had every part custom made minus the core portion of the boots.