Anjin Anhut’s All-New, All-Different X-Men!

Here’s what Anjin had to say about the work:

Mutants are outcasts of society finding solace, company and purpose in Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters. So my goal was to make their mutations not only very visible, but to a certain degree disfiguring. Something that renders them to be freaks on the surface, so that they can show their humanity in their deeds.

Cyclops doesn’t wear the cool as hell glasses, but has his face tissue damaged by the force of his eye blasts and his head is illuminated from within, rendering his skull visible.

Marvel Girl’s telepathic and telekinetic powers manifest in a deformed head containing an oversized mutated brain. She is shown as a young and fragile girl to illustrate the non-physical aspects of her power.

Beast always was one of the most disfigured xmen anyway, so there wasn’t much to change. I upgraded his hands, giving him 2 opposable thumbs, so it goes along with his hand-like feet.

Iceman, since he can create any shape from water particles in the air, I felt like he could have any form he likes.

Angel always confused me. He was often used to illustrate the desire of becoming normal, in the movie,in the comics. He always was the one wanting to look normal, while being the one xmen, who actually mutated into something that many people would worship and find beautiful. So I made him appear more bird like, and turned his name “Angel” into less of an accurate description and more into a nickname.

Regarding costumes. All characters only have small badges or marks with the X-logo, if anything. They identify with the team and the X but still hold to their own preferences and expression of self, when picking their colthing and gear.