Red Robin photo by Davann Srey



So I was going through some old files on my computer and came across some old photos of my fiance and I’s Red Robin and Black Bat costumes back from 2012

The old photoset was back here:

These costumes were made by me and based off of a concept design from way yonder over here:

Photos by Benny Lee photography

Red Robin and Kid Flash by Brett Booth

Ilias Kyriazis’ Teen Titans

Here’s what Ilias had to say about the design:

These were done with the DCnU reboot in mind so I knew that:
1- They should have a team look. (“Titans first, sidekicks second”).
2- Red Robin should have wings.
On the other hand I didn’t treat this as a complete “they-meet-for-the-first-time” relaunch and I kept some things from they past costumes like Superboy’s bracelets and Impulse elements in Kid Flash. Red was a common in everyone’s part costumes so it was an easy choice for a team color. I incorporated “T” logos and downplayed individual logos (Superboy getting an “S” in his shield could be a plot point). I kinda based the final illustation on Brett Booth’s cover and I threw in my take on “coal girl” (I don’t know if it has been announced who she is yet).