I made this over night for Perth Comic-con haha. Loved the comics so I had to make her. <3



I did a DC shoot this morning in Pike Place Market with my friends.  It was an awesome time and 100% worth waking up at 6am for! :D

Photography - azimedes
Catwoman - demapples
Zatanna - megananncosplay
Robin - blatsuura / Costume by Punished Props
Special thanks - emgiosia

Vegas PG Cosplay and Katie Short as Power Girl and Super Girl

Red Sonja by Claire Anastasia


Lisa Lou Who as Handsome Jackie aka Rule 63 Handsome Jack from ‘Borderlands 2’ at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 

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My San diego in Pictures! (cosplay edition)

how great are these!!


Seriously loving this #Batwoman #cosplay by Hillary Lewis. #comicbooks

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