Marvel Universe Cosplay

AAAAAHHHH! Look at all of us! :D This was for sure one of my absolute favorite DragonCon moments. So much Carol Corps love. I adore times when a group of the same character gets together, and rather than be catty over who might be ‘wearing it better’, there’s just a genuine appreciation for one another and the character. I wasn’t the only one who went YAAAAY when Allen announced that Kelly Sue made it to the Marvel shoot…and then she hugged me. It made fainting after the shoot due to heat exhaustion kinda worth it, hah!

I’m with my sparkle fists, to the right of Kelly Sue, next to my friend msjayjustice.


Cosplayer: Akida Oh Aki Cosplay


My rendition of Storm is a mixture of all the variations of the beautiful weather witch Ororo Monroe. If you would like to be part of my geekdom please join me on FB my page is title by my cosplay name. 

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